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New Release Prioritization


Multiple Clients

The Project

Each week, thousands of discrete pieces of music are being released on digital music streaming platforms. Our clients need to understand which new releases are most relevant to their projects so they can prioritize editorial and curation resources and efficiently share them with their users. They engaged Third Bridge to build editorial calendars and develop processes for cataloging, evaluating, and promoting new releases on their platforms.

The Solution

Using both the cultural knowledge of subject matter experts and historical velocity reports from multiple platforms, we’ve created replicable processes for assessing and capturing any given week's most important new releases. This system has the capacity to identify trending artists and scenes and holes within our clients’ current coverage plans.

The Results

We’ve listened to and prioritized tens of thousands of tracks and artists, which have gone on to appear in various editorial, programming and marketing campaigns. We’ve developed processes and tooling to do this at scale, and teams of frontline subject matter experts to address our clients’ diverse user bases.

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