Audience Assessment & Content Planning

Audience Assessment & Content Planning



In 2020, Sonos launched a proprietary radio station initiative as a way to drive engagement with their core speaker products and develop a revenue stream via subscriptions. They turned to Third Bridge initially to conceive, brand, and launch over 100 radio stations as well as provide merchandising of their browse page. This required conducting extensive audience research and discovery around their user base, and developing a content strategy custom tailored for an older, wealthy demographic.


Working with Sonos' own UX research, as well as audience engagement data around their existing stations, Third Bridge developed an audience series of user personas that included both demographic and taste profiles. We used these personas to build a plan for a collection portfolio that ensured coverage of relevant genres, moods, and themes.


Stations developed and maintained by TBC have become a vital part of Sonos Radio’s content offering. Six months into our partnership, Sonos marked a 35% uptick in overall station engagement across the board.

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