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Sam Chennault
Sam has built and led curation and editorial teams for streaming services since the early 2000s. At Rhapsody and, later, Google Play, he wrote the playbook on content surrounding digital music. With Third Bridge, he continues his innovative work on programs with Sonos, SoundCloud, Apple, and various record labels, brands, and startups. He understands the needs of users—and the nuances of ’90s rap.
Garrett Kamps
Garrett is a reluctant entrepreneur, failed novelist, esteemed strategist, and Clio Award-winning producer. As Sr. Director at Rhapsody, he led content strategy for the pioneering music service and video channel. At Third Bridge, he designs solutions for clients like Amazon, Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. He is also a screenwriter and journalist with work in outlets like Billboard, Gawker, and SPIN.
Christopher Carson
Head of operations
Christopher has developed infrastructure, charted strategy, and provided leadership for blue-chip firms across the streaming and online media space. Before Third Bridge, he was VP of Operations and Strategic Initiatives at wellness platform Sharecare, Supervising Producer at Sling TV, and Senior Producer for MTV’s digital music service—a mix that emphasizes his verve for public-serving products.
Alison Aves
Editorial Director
Alison has found a lot of different ways to make a journalism degree work: lifestyle magazines, tourism guides, consumer catalogs, a Dictionary of Beer and Brewing, and, at last, Third Bridge. Here, she leads editorial initiatives for clients like Squarespace, Spotify, Ticketmaster, and Apple, overseeing teams of writers and editors across continents, projects, and wildly diverse subject matters.
Mark Richardson
Director of Curation
As the former editor-in-chief of Pitchfork, Mark has a knack for making sense of music trends. After more than a decade tracking and shaping culture elsewhere—he’s also WSJ’s rock and pop critic—he joined Third Bridge to help launch curation at SoundCloud. His role has since grown, much like his record collection—when he’s off the clock, you can often find him adding to his Discogs Wantlist.
Andrew Marcogliese
Associate Director, Curation
Andrew’s commitment to seamless, discovery-forward programming is rooted in his dual citizenship as both music fan and maker. As Pandora’s Head of Dance & Electronic, he helped grow listenership exponentially across hundreds of stations and playlists, niche and mainstream alike, plus led their gaming content. And as a drummer and DJ, he’s shared bills with everyone from Paramore to Hot Chip.
Chris Martins
Associate Director, EditoriaL
Before he arrived at Third Bridge, Chris ran newsrooms, made magazines, profiled pop stars, and—more than once—blogged from the belly of a rave cruise. He has bylines everywhere from Wax Poetics to Playboy to Modern Farmer, but it was as an editor for FILTER and SPIN that he honed the knack for content strategy, client relations, and team management that would form the backbone of his work here.
Stephanie DeSola
SeNIOR Business Services Manager
Stephanie is a business and financial services expert whose work at Third Bridge has evolved from bookkeeping to a holistic role. Driven by her commitment to personal growth, she is focused on seeing opportunities where others see obstacles and feels like she’s her best self when supporting the team around her. She is also known for her role as Supermom to her four kids and four-legged friends.
Peter A. Berry
Editorial Project Manager
Peter is the kind of jackknife who's managed news teams, overseen magazine columns, and written compelling stories about albums, movies, and the people who make them. He's worked as an editor at XXL and as a freelance writer for Netflix, Billboard, Pitchfork, LEVEL, Okayplayer, Revolt TV, and elsewhere. Equal parts music nerd, sports geek, and film fanatic, Peter loves pop culture—consuming it, contributing to it, and conversing about it.
Colin Joyce
Senior Editor
Colin is a writer and editor who’s put in his 10,000 hours at gigs in dingy basements and on crowded dance floors. He was the Managing Editor at VICE’s electronic music vertical THUMP and then later he was a Senior Editor at Noisey, where he trained an eye on the untold stories and underrepresented artists in the music industry. His work has also appeared on Pitchfork, The FADER, SPIN, and beyond.
Kristin Corry
Senior Editor
Kristin loves writing about R&B almost as much as she loves listening to it. Before joining Third Bridge, she was a Senior Staff Writer at Noisey, where she profiled rising hip-hop and R&B artists and later interrogated pop culture and race for VICE's Culture Desk. Kristin is a meticulous writer and editor who uses her work to advocate for marginalized artists.
Hannah Elliott
Hannah thrives on the constant need to solve problems and anticipate teammates’ needs. Prior to joining Third Bridge, she was associate editor at The Creative Independent, and provided ad hoc support to Parsons School of Design and Red Bull Music Academy. If she’s not puzzling through a TBC project, she’s likely studying Korean, making bad nightcore remixes, or being tailed by her cat, Scritti.
Sakinah Jones
Associate Product + Marketing Manager
Sakinah is a Hiatus Kaiyote fanatic who loves supporting her team, getting lost in big spreadsheets, and pairing her mood with the perfect playlist filled with quirky treasures. She specializes in creatively leveraging data analysis and general problem-solving skills to improve company efficiency, efficacy, and—thanks to her deft attention to detail and dogged commitment to solutions—team morale.
Lauren Tabak
Creative Director, Video
Lauren is an interdisciplinary artist-filmmaker, photographer, and musician—who has been creating original content for big brands, as well as indie artists and labels, for almost 20 years. She previously managed Original Content Development for Google Play and Rhapsody. And in 2021, she won a Clio Award for the Third Bridge x Amazon doc Love Me Like You Should: The Brave and Bold Sylvester.
Phat Doan
System Administrator + Engineer
Phat is a brilliant structural thinker who finds as much enjoyment in developing system architecture as he does crafting melodies on woodwinds and observing the vast variety of exotic birds who reside in the central highland of Vietnam, where he lives. A passionate problem-solver with a gift for picking up new skills and languages, he thrives in a collaborative setting—and his collaborators agree.
Mustafa Muwwakkil
Art Director
Mustafa is an art director and designer who’s been leading teams for two decades. Whether overhauling design guidelines for Microsoft Office or art-directing a book of Grateful Dead posters, he knows how to visually connect with a target audience. He’s also overseen UX and design at Rosetta Stone, Napster, and Steyer Content; animated for NASA; and helped Carlos Santana build his first website.
Isabela Raygoza
Sr. Producer
Billboard, Rolling Stone, Bandcamp Daily, Noisey, VICE
Annie Zaleski
Sr. Contributor
Billboard, Alternative Press, SPIN, Los Angeles Times, Vulture, various B2B
Kiana Fitzgerald
Sr. Contributor
Rolling Stone, Billboard, Vibe, The Cut, Nylon, OK Player, Texas Monthly
Maura Johnston
Sr. Contributor
Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Pitchfork, NY Times, The Awl
Stuart Berman
Sr. Contributor
Pitchfork, CBC Radio, Apple Music, Toronto Life
Jason Anderson
Sr Contributor
Toronto International Film Festival, Uncut Magazine, University of Toronto, The Toronto Star, Harold Greenberg Fund
Scott McDowell
Project Manager
Fast Company, American Express, Inc. Magazine, Novartis and World Savvy
Ayana H. Muwwakkil
March for your lives, Yana bear Design, Steyer Content
Nick Mitchell
RWE Renewables, Starbucks, Byron Hamburgers, Pizza Hut Restaurants
Stephanie Garr
SPIN, To’ak Chocolate, Compose.ly / WebMD and Big & Small Travel
Krystal Rodriguez
Billboard, VICE, The Recording Academy / GRAMMY.com, majestic casual
Marcus J. Moore
The Nation, NPR, NY Times, Washington Post, Fader
Justin Farrar
Resident Advisor, SPIN, Red Bull Music Academy, Google Play Music aand Napster
Philip Sherburne
Pitchfork, NY Times, Wire, Spin, Slate, SoundCloud
Chris Weingarten
New York Times, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and LA Times
Niki McGloster
Netflix, Apple TV, Essence, REVOLT TV, Vibe Vixen, Elite Daily
Sajae Elder
The FADER, WePresent, Facebook Elevate, CBC and HBO
Chuck Eddy
Village Voice, Creem, Billboard, Rolling Stone and Napster/Rhapsody.
Will Schube
Forbes, NPR, Noisey, Bandcamp, VICE UK, VICE, Billboard, Rolling Stone
Michael Tedder
Esquire, Variety, Buzzfeed, Playboy, Fortune, The Ringer

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