Algorithmic Radio Metadata Curation

Algorithmic Radio Metadata Curation

Major DSP


A large streaming provider was about to launch a new product that created a radio-like listening experience from algorithmic data based on genre. They needed large lists of tracks, each tailored to a genre, to construct their models, and these pools needed to be assembled according to specific metadata criteria, including weighting of individual artists and territory-related genre information.


Third Bridge recruited dozens of genre experts from around the globe to develop best practices documentation around the project, including metadata considerations. These guidelines were a collaborative process with the client, and helped establish a shared understanding of the project’s parameters. Once this documentation was in place, the team built track pools for music from every continent using custom tooling and highly specific genre designations.


Third Bridge delivered tens of thousands of tracks that helped distill the essence of hundreds of genres, allowing the client to build and optimize its algorithms to power discovery for its users.

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