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Massive Catalog Curation
White Label
Overseeing the curation of hundreds of franchise catalog playlists across dozens of genres and regions for one of the world’s top DSPs.
On-Line Radio Curation And Production
Providing the curatorial backbone for Sonos' growing streaming-radio service.
Globally Scaled Emerging Music Curation
Executing a long-term curation program for SoundCloud, a platform that serves as an incubator for new sounds and emerging artists.
Experiential Curation
Redwoods and Records
Creating playlists to accompany the experience of exploring specific California redwood hiking trails.
A Magazine About Playlists
The Dowsers
Our proprietary one-of-a-kind music site about playlists showcasing our expertise in music curation and editorial content creation.
Music Supervision, at Limitless Scale
White Label
For a major software company we built a team of music supervisors to pair the perfect songs with every type of photo slideshow.
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