Playlist Franchise Development & Branding

Playlist Franchise Development & Branding



Third Bridge Creative helped SoundCloud create a cleaner user experience and showcase their highest priority artists by developing a content strategy and establishing both the team and the tools for discovering, organizing, and displaying priority content. A crucial component of this brand marketing strategy was the development and implementation of playlist franchises that would allow users to easily access the most popular and relevant tracks as well as offer space for SoundCloud promotions.


After enlisting a team of music supervisors with expertise in a wide array of genres, Third Bridge built and developed brand concepts for hundreds of playlist franchises that highlighted new and classic music on SoundCloud across dozens of genres. This content portfolio was based on a blend of competitor research and on-platform metrics, and we worked closely with the client’s design and marketing teams to create compelling brands and a visual taxonomy that reflected both users’ interests and franchise focus.


Franchises like the marquee playlist for new rap, Drippin, drew hundreds of thousands of subscribers and offered a foothold for the development of branded offerings including radio shows.

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