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Editorial for Subscription Video Service

White Label

Providing contextual editorial, program synopses, and promo copy for film, TV, and sports content.
Record Label Content Services

Warner, Capitol, Epic, Def Jam, et al.

Launching a one-of-a-kind creative studio that record labels trust for press releases, artist bios, and other editorial needs.
Scaled In-Product Editorial

Streaming Music Service

Writing and editing contextual editorial for albums, artists, and playlists at massive international scale each month for one of the world's biggest DSPs.
B2C Content Marketing

Spotify for Podcasters, Spotify for Artists

Producing a steady flow of articles designed to educate and inspire the artist and podcaster communities via Spotify's blogs.
B2B Content Marketing

White Label

Developing educational hub-and-spoke executions designed to empower entrepreneurs.
B2B Content Marketing

Spotify Advertising

Writing, editing, and localizing white papers and supporting articles to help educate and engage Spotify’s existing and potential advertising partners.
B2C Content Marketing


Developing a turnkey content support program for Ticketmaster's SEO-driven site content and its consumer-marketing blog.
Trends Research & Reports

Major Streaming Platform

Teaming with a premiere streaming service to dig into and provide detailed reports on high-impact music content.

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