Mood & Activity Metadata Curation

Mood & Activity Metadata Curation

Major DSP


The company behind a photo-sharing platform used by hundreds of millions set out to enrich their user experience. They needed to match relevant, well-known, and thematically appropriate songs with categories of slideshows based on moods, activities, relationships, places, and much more, along with additional metadata management.


Third Bridge assembled a team and developed tools for tagging tens of thousands of tracks based on these qualities as well as cities, length, cultural sensitivity, and much more. The selections went through a rigorous QA process to ensure the most relevant matches, and were sorted into categories based on the client’s needs. Our production team then delivered and edited these curated experiences directly within the client’s CMS.


Third Bridge’s intricate, multi-step assembly line led to steady, high-volume deliverables of tracks tagged with metadata that could be used across the company’s software offerings.

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