Globalized Synopses for Film/TV

Globalized Synopses for Film/TV

SVOD Platform


A leading SVOD platform wanted to externalize their TV and film synopsis writing and globalization program while maintaining their industry-leading high bar for providing quality writing and engaging context to subscribers. The synopses would be written in English about film and TV originating in various countries and languages, before the client translated and localized them for multiple markets.


TBC built a world-class team of film and TV writers, including renowned critics and seasoned editors, to power a highly thorough workstream that integrated seamlessly with the client's CMS. We sourced experts who spoke a variety of languages to ensure fast and accurate coverage of ex-US media, and built a staggered weekly schedule to support client leads across global time zones.


We've created thousands of original synopses for movies, shows, specials, and episodes, which are serviced to countries around the world. We work with the client to further fine tune not only our work, but also their overall style and sensitivity guides. We collaborate every step of the way to ensure that their externalization initiative is capable of meeting all their needs.

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