B2B DSP Editorial Ecosystem

B2B DSP Editorial Ecosystem

Spotify Advertising


The team at Spotify Advertising needed a full-service editorial group to write and produce engaging, SEO-optimized, educational content marketing blog articles that spoke to an audience of small- and medium-business owners. They also needed an editorial partner to QA and localize their Culture Next report—a hotly anticipated downloadable annual guide to cultural and advertising trends.


We built a team to provide ongoing end-to-end content marketing services, including writers, editors, producers, and a dedicated project lead. We also developed process and protocol for localizing high-stakes content in coordination with a complex global network of internal stakeholders.


We pitched, wrote, and produced articles on a weekly basis, including advertising success stories, best practices, and trend roundups. We also served as their primary editorial resource for Culture Next, translating extensive user research into an easy-to-read guide, and working with team leads across 11 countries to localize the content for their markets.

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