Global Pride Scripts

Global Pride Scripts

Amazon Music


Amazon wanted to celebrate the LGBTQ+ experience by creating a series of location-specific playlists composed of stories and music that highlighted important people and milestones in the movement’s history. Each vignette would be narrated by an LGBTQ+ icon and highlight a different event across countries including Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, and Brazil. They needed an editorial partner who could research and write these voiceover scripts: more than 40 vignettes for eight countries.


Third Bridge Creative built a diverse, multilingual team, and researched and pitched the stories for each country's playlist. We then wrote and edited the voiceover scripts for each story, and paired each with a track that reflected the mood or theme. We worked closely with the client team to ensure the voice and spirit of each script was exactly right.


This series went live in June 2021, to coincide with Pride Month. It features narration from Tegan Quin (Tegan and Sara), Kim Petras, Melissa Etheridge, and Christian Chávez, among others.

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