Trending Music Newsletter

Trending Music Newsletter

Sound Signal


Our Music Intelligence team can't leave trends alone. We know our clients love what we do, so we sought to bring that same level of emerging music prediction, analysis, and contextualization to a wider, subscription-based audience. We wanted to create consistent and engaging content centered around the most impactful new artists and trends in music.


We created a template for a music newsletter powered by proprietary data analysis, world-class human intelligence, and truly engaging editorial. We planned to consistently highlight the top emerging artists and trends in real-time, and lean on our team of all-star journalists and critics to provide rich context and useful perspective.


The Sound Signal Newsletter is a free biweekly cheat sheet for the music industry. Every issue, we identify emerging artists, tracks, and scenes or genres. The brightly designed missive is crafted by some of the world’s best writers and curators, who combine their expertise with engagement and velocity data.

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