Emerging Artist Charts

Emerging Artist Charts

Sound Signal


Our Music Intelligence team was already obsessed with emerging artist discovery and ahead-of-the-curve trendspotting—a passion that our clients have come to rely upon. Thus, we set out to enhance and codify our unique approach to the work in order to provide valuable insights to our music industry colleagues at large.


We decided to launch our own artist chart. TBC's Music Intelligence team created bespoke tooling to collect and manage the data we deemed important, and brought in our world-class music experts to apply the human touch—analyzing streaming data, fan engagement, and critical metrics to accurately pinpoint promising emerging artists in real-time.


The Sound Signal Emerging Artists Chart highlights trending musicians who are rapidly approaching a mainstream breakthrough and is updated every week. Using our proprietary TBC Score, we determine the artists you need to know about through in-house algorithmic tooling and a wide team of music curators, critics, and journalists with cultural expertise and expert cross-platform knowledge.

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