Artist Discovery for Creator Platform

Artist Discovery for Creator Platform



SoundCloud had amassed a vast and constantly evolving catalog of new music, but they needed help finding and prioritizing the most relevant and impactful new artists. Specifically, they were looking to identify unsigned, trending music makers within the various creator communities on their platform.


Third Bridge worked closely with the data scientists at SoundCloud to identify various velocity and popularity thresholds, and then developed a process for validating the data using TBC’s team of music experts. Calling upon their expertise and understanding of both new music and the platform’s audience, our curators identified and (and ultimately promoted) the most promising emerging artists across the site’s most crucial genres.


Using information from TBC’s programming, and intelligence from our regular pitch meetings, SoundCloud was able to identify and promote new artists that resonated with its listenership and subsequently partner with select artists on SoundCloud promotions and marketing initiatives.

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