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Our writers regularly contribute to publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Pitchfork, The FADER, The Guardian, Fast Company, VICE, The Ringer, XXL, GQ, Billboard, and others: If you read about culture online, then you’ve almost certainly encountered their work. Our editorial services are distinguished by our premium talent network; the passion, precision, and subject matter expertise we bring to the craft of writing; and the workflows and tooling that we’ve developed that allow us to produce exemplary content at a robust international scale.

Services Include:
  • feature articles
  • album reviews
  • film & TV synopses
  • artist and executive bios
  • podcast and video scripts
  • press releases
  • white papers
  • educational guides
  • product descriptions
  • editorial style guides
  • social media copy 


Our curation team has worked with Apple Music, SoundCloud, Sonos, Rhapsody/Napster, Pandora and many others. Our community includes over 250 musicologists and subject matter experts from around the world, representing a nearly bottomless well of knowledge and experience. These curators currently oversee hundreds of in-house playlists and radio franchises for our clients. We’ve worked with our clients’ product, design, partnership, and marketing teams, and designed and launched content strategies from the ground up for large-scale global initiatives. Our approach combines data-driven insights with individual expertise for unparalleled listening experiences, and our operational rigor allows us to scale up to whatever volume our clients need.

Services Include:
  • curation strategy
  • content merchandising strategy 
  • streaming radio programming 
  • music, podcast, and video playlist curation 
  • artist and trend analysis 
  • metadata management  

Original Content

Our Clio Award-winning production team has built multimedia solutions in collaboration with world-class brands and platforms. The cultural expertise we bring to every project results in audio, video, and written content that celebrates the subjects we focus on as well as their broader cultural context. Our team includes filmmakers, animators, graphic designers, podcast producers, photographers, and countless other media pros.

Services Include:
  • video franchise development and production 
  • documentary production
  • social media graphics
  • data visualizations
  • animation and motion graphics 
  • podcast development, research, scripting, and production
  • original photography 
  • graphic design and image-production design and scaling 


We’ve had the pleasure of working with nearly every major streaming-media platform as well as countless other brands of all sizes, helping our clients think through how to engage their users and grow their customer bases through effective, scalable content strategies. Additionally, we’ve provided temporary staffing solutions to clients in need of regular, day-to-day roleplayers.

Services Included:
  • product roadmaps and launch strategies
  • data analysis 
  • content merchandising strategy 
  • on- and off-site consulting 
  • talent search, placement, and administration 

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