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Music Documentary Production

Amazon Music

Writing and producing a Clio Award-winning documentary short about boundary-crushing musician and LGBTQ icon Sylvester.
Podcast Scripting


Telling the story of the birth of grunge in Seattle for a limited podcast series.
Video Franchise Development & Production

Amazon Music

Creating an animated short-form video series to serve as liner notes for hot new releases.
Video Franchise Development


Crafting a video series that reveals a city’s secrets through the eyes of a local artist.
Video Franchise Development


Designing and producing a video series in Spanish that dissects the anatomy of a hit.
Audio Scripting


Researching and scripting short audio stories that recounted key historical moments in the LGBTQ movement around the world.
Data-Driven Visual Storytelling


Analysis, editorial, and art direction for data-vis project to drive site engagement.

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