Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

Major DSP


A major video and music streaming platform wanted a partner who could provide on-the-ground trend expertise and deep-dive music knowledge in order to investigate, identify, and contextualize ascendant artists, moments, and songs. They were also looking for strategists who could develop a variety of formats by which the results of that research could be circulated internally.


We served up an editorial team with broad subject matter expertise and keen awareness of emerging artists and trends. We developed adaptive workflows to convey our data-driven findings in the form of reports, decks, newsletters, presentations to ensure that our insights were accessible and actionable for pertinent stakeholders throughout the organization. Our reports range from concise weekly recaps of trending music from all corners of the clients platform, to in-depth analysis, research and reporting of a specific emerging platform story such an emerging micro-genre, or up and coming artist.


The result was a comprehensive weekly recurring research and reporting solution that gave our client insight and awareness of the trends, artists and tracks resonating the most on their platform. Our insights and reporting have proven to be extremely useful across the client’s organization—through marketing, publicity, and content programming departments.

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