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Record Label Content Services


Warner, Capitol, Epic, Def Jam, et al.

The Project

Music publicists, managers, and marketing teams have an ongoing need for original editorial content—ranging from artist bios and press releases to visual design and ad hoc requests. In the past, it was unclear who was doing this work, what they charged, how quickly they worked, or, frankly, whether what they turned in would be any good. It was an industry-wide issue.

The Solution

We stood up a creative studio to clean up the mess. We built a diverse team of journalists and designers, set quality standards through style guides and rigorous editing, and created a menu of products and services that our clients could order on demand. What was once a fragmented ecosystem of publicists and freelancers became a well-oiled one-stop shop.

The Results

We service the Big Three—UMG, WMG, and SME—including labels like Capitol, Interscope, Warner, Epic, Def Jam, Columbia, Republic, Motown, and Reprise. We also work directly with indies, PR firms, artists, and their teams. We’ve created content for artists ranging from legends like Neil Young, Big Sean, and Kraftwerk, to breakout stars like CJ, Benee, and GIVEŌN.

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