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The Project

Our client was looking to expand its selection of educational guides in the form of hub-and-spoke executions, and needed an editorial partner with experience scaling large editorial workflows, and who could balance the rigor of SEO writing with this client’s unique editorial voice, which balanced approachability with subject matter authority.

The Solution

Following an exhaustive requirements-gathering process and the creation of a comprehensive editorial style guide, we assembled a team of editors and writers with extensive experience in the art of SEO-optimized content creation. We then designed turnkey editorial workflows to allow for research, reporting, stakeholder interviews, multiple layers of editing, and finally client review.

The Results

In just four months, our team was able to launch this project and produce nearly 50 individual articles, on subjects ranging from video marketing to hosting online classes, with all content carefully formatted and SEO-optimized to maximize engagement and conversions. This editorial pipeline is now capable of producing dozens of detailed articles each month, allowing our client to greatly expand its top-of-funnel reach and convert new customers.

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