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Merchandising Strategy for Sonos



The Project

In 2020, Sonos launched a proprietary radio-station platform that was embedded within their speaker controller app. New to this space, Sonos wanted to understand the types of stations that would appeal most to their users, and how to merchandise those within their platform.

The Solution

Using existing user research and content engagement data, we developed a category taxonomy that provided a plan for quickly scaling their offering. We then worked with Sonos to develop a process for analyzing engagement on an ongoing basis and using that to determine merchandising in a global, non-dynamic user interface. We also advised on how to evolve their processes and tooling to arrive at a more personalized solution.

The Results

We were able to establish a codified strategy for merchandising at Sonos and produced exhaustive bi-weekly metrics reports capturing our learnings. Engagement with the homepage jumped significantly over the course of Third Bridge’s engagement with Sonos.

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