Film/TV Editorial & Content Distribution

Film/TV Editorial & Content Distribution

Major SVOD Provider


A SVOD client had an existing film/TV blog which focused only on their original slate. They were interested in expanding their coverage to include editorial covering previously released media properties that they license for streaming, but they had concerns. Mainly, how could they compete with journalistic sites that covered these shows and movies upon original release?


TBC set out to provide guidance in two areas: editorial content planning and distribution strategy. For the former, we assembled our in-house film/TV editorial experts, developed research prompts, and had each contributor file an in-depth editorial strategy paper. For the latter, we interviewed a series of proven content distribution experts, and brought in our top pick to provide their own report on the topic.


We synthesized the results of those various reports, plus internal whiteboarding sessions and client summits, to create a custom white paper evaluating unique opportunities and challenges. We included a lengthy set of ready-to-use repeatable article formats, a publishing plan, and distribution recommendations including socialization and content marketing.

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