Online Radio Catalog Audit & Analysis

Online Radio Catalog Audit & Analysis

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A leading client tasked us with analyzing their entire music catalog to identify the strengths and opportunities of the various categories of content provided to their listeners. They needed to know the opportunities ahead of them as their catalog offering grew and spread to different formats and territories. They needed a full report and a detailed breakdown.


To provide this we assembled our team of content experts and set out to extract different types of data from multiple sources, including listener engagement data, music metadata, and listener segment trends. We categorized and classified the entire content catalog into relevant genres, moods, listener segments, and territories. We then benchmarked our client's catalog against competitors to identify unique content propositions and areas for differentiation.


The result was an extensive audit of the client's current content offering complete with competitive analysis and a customized dashboard to assist our client in visualizing our findings. Based on our work, we provided actionable recommendations and strategic insights to optimize their curation strategy.

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