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How Hannah Elliott Discovers New Music

TBC's senior producer takes a treasure-hunt approach to finding the K-indie sounds she loves.

Sofia Coppola Is Soundtracking Sadness Online

Her moody aesthetic finds common ground with the more melancholy tendencies of Gen Z.

Staff Mix No. 4: Stepping Over Petals

A playlist celebrating Japanese artists from the ’70s to the present, via tracks that embody the transition from spring to summer.

Jocelyn Brown on the Sweet Spot Between Knowledge and Intuition

Being a music supervisor requires a profound fluency in a huge array of sounds—but also an understanding of how people will respond to them.

Sound Signal: Anime-Inspired Rap, Colorful Pop, and More

Sexyy Red's name says it all, and Jay Eazy is back for more. Four artists to watch.

What Is Music Intelligence?

How humans and data collaborate to figure out what's happening—and about to happen.

TBC Video Mix: Five Great Performances by Actors Doing Double Duty

A collection of films and TV shows that allow actors to showcase their range by playing two characters (or more).

Women Who Are Shaking Up Reggaetón

As the style's gone global, its stars have become more diverse.

Staff Mix No. 3: The Other Ones

TBC’s new mix takes a look at the almost-forgotten stars from the teen pop era.

Sound Signal: Thoughtful Country, Rowdy Electronic, and New Hip-Hop

Sam Barber's music is turning up on rock charts, and BAMBII's Caribbean-flavored sounds fill dance floors. Four artists to watch.

The Pleasure of Deadlines According to Annie Zaleski

Flexibility is not your friend when you're juggling this many things.

The Parallel Timeline of Music Syncs Moves Forward

We'll soon find out if post-millennial tracks scratch the nostalgic itch of Guardians of the Galaxy fans.

TBC Video Mix: Films to Stream When You Feel Like Wandering

The peaks and valleys of the road in five movies.

Sound Signal: Internet Rap, Satirical Hyperpop, and Progressive R&B

Def Jam mints another star in Navy Blue, while Frost Children are keeping details of their sound “confidential.” Four candidates for your new favorite artist.

How to Build a Fans-First Music Service

Seasoned product manager Jon Maples discusses the necessity of getting past your own biases, plus how to tell when a tech trend lives up to the hype.

Staff Mix No. 2: Meet Me in the Chatroom

Largely made by kids too young to remember the last revival, this new crop of post-punk tracks is informed by hyperpop and a childhood on the internet.

Finding Balance with Philip Sherburne

Arguably the world’s best electronic music journalist just wants to grow tomatoes.

Sound Signal: Viral R&B, Aesthetic Rap, and Buzzy Pop Punk

Four emerging artists from our new, bi-weekly music intelligence newsletter.

On Getting Your Artist Story Right

A conversation with the Berlin-based dance music artist Afriqua about finding his fans and prepping an album rollout.

The TBC Queue

Third Bridge Creative’s continually updated playlist of our favorite new music, including songs by billy woods, Victoria Monét, DJ Manny, and more.

Five Unconventional Approaches to Digital Music

Business is booming, but there is still plenty of opportunity to experiment with the way music is delivered, consumed, and monetized.

Are We the Music Brain?

Exploring the possibility that TBC and its contributor network are answering the music questions you’re asking ChatGPT.

Staff Mix No. 1: Stereomagic

Playful, melodic electronic sounds from around the turn of the millennium.

TBC Video Mix: Films to Stream When It’s Too Cold to Go Outside

Five movies that capture the tension of the winter months.

Before & After Radiohead's OK Computer

The influences behind the Brit masters’ monumental 1997 album—and all of its reverberating effects.

Women in Improvised Music

Off-the-cuff brilliance from Nina Simone, Patti Smith, and other blues, experimental, and punk pioneers.

How Do I Describe What I Do?

Longtime music journalist Stuart Berman breaks down exactly what being a music critic and curator means nowadays.

Music for Forests: A Curator Q&A

How four playlist curators created a unique collection of soundtracks for nature and music enthusiasts.

Beats, Rhymes and Phife: A Data-Driven Look at a Tribe Called Quest

The math behind the genres, samples, and lyrics of one of hip-hop’s most innovative groups.

Confessions of a Curator: How a Longtime Music Critic Gets the Job Done

The ongoing thrill of writing about music—even when it’s borderline unlistenable.

David Bowie’s 1979 BBC DJ Set Replayed

A fascinating journey through the rock icon’s musical brain map.

The Four Faces of Brian Eno

The sonic adventures of the shape-shifting self-professed “non musician.”

Stay Woke: Erykah Badu’s Best

Discover the best from the queen of experimental soul music.

The Feminist Guide to Trap Music

Empowering music with depth, sexiness, and dope beats.

The Beatles’ Outer Limits

The Fab Four’s weirdest, most radical moments—with a little help from Yoko.

The Guide To Understanding Björk

Tracing the evolution of one of the most distinct, consistently celebrated voices of our time.

The Best of Post-Smile Beach Boys

The California icons at their peak, representing one the most expansive visions in all of American pop and rock.

The Best Detroit Techno

The Motor City’s unparalleled history in tough, danceable electronic music.

Where My Girls At: The Best ‘90s R&B Girl Groups

A scrubs-free tribute to the second golden age of girl groups, from En Vogue to Destiny’s Child.

Wu-Tang Forever, Fixed

The NYC hip-hop legends’ 1997 sophomore album, pared down to 11 lean, mean classic cuts.

The Best Electronic Music of the ’90s

An American and Brit discuss the house, techno, and dance music that made them tick.

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