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Scaled In-Product Editorial


Streaming Music Service

The Project

A major streaming music service seeks to use original, custom editorial as a key differentiator, providing music fans with contextual information on artists and albums in order to drive discovery, engagement, and ultimately retention. Given its global reach and bottomless catalog, the client needs an editorial partner who can provide a robust volume of copy on a steady cadence, while still upholding the service’s distinctive editorial voice and authority.

The Solution

We built a team of highly respected music writers representing subject matter expertise across hundreds of different genres, including comprehensive international coverage. We've developed custom workflows and tools for ingesting and distributing client assignments to our global workforce on a steady weekly cadence; each individual piece of writing is edited by both local and international editors to ensure accuracy and voice consistency at global scale.

The Results

Each week, we create multiple novels’ worth of copy covering every conceivable genre of music, ranging from catalog favorites to the latest trending artists around the world. All of this content is then localized for specific English-language markets.

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