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Massive Catalog Curation


White Label

The Project

In order to increase listener engagement and retention, this major DSP needed a reliable vendor for catalog curation at a massive scale. Their goal was to create hundreds of genre, theme, and artist-based franchise playlists, and to update these franchises on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. In addition to frontline artist-based playlists, many of these franchises focused on niche or deep catalog content, and required a highly specialized team of music experts.

The Solution

After a consulting period to develop the content strategy, touchstones, style guide, workflow, and tool requirements, Third Bridge Creative assembled and deployed a global team of music experts and built a set of customized tools to scale, manage, curate, update, and deliver hundreds of playlists monthly.

The Results

A rich catalog of hundreds of original playlists hand-curated for the client’s user base, updated regularly by a global team of genre experts.

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