Radio Programming, Localization, & Staffing

Radio Programming, Localization, & Staffing



In 2020, Sonos launched a proprietary radio programming station initiative as a way to drive engagement with their core speaker products and develop a revenue stream via subscriptions. They turned to Third Bridge initially to conceive, brand, and launch over 100 radio stations. These stations were focused on a North American audience, and, after the initial success of that offering, they wanted to expand to key territories in EMEA. They looked to Third Bridge to provide guidance and execute this product launch.


We developed a content strategy that accounted for budgeting and timeline, performed audience research, and developed KPIs. We then sourced and onboarded a best-in-class team of music curators and marketers for these target territories, who helped us brand and launch dozens of new territory-specific playlist franchises.


Sonos was able to dramatically increase their overall engagement and expand their user base. The stations that we launched and/or localized within those territories were key to this success.

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