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Music Supervision, at Limitless Scale


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The Project

To enrich the user experience of a popular photo-sharing platform used by hundreds of millions, a company needed to match relevant, well-known, and thematically appropriate tracks from a DSP with categories of slideshows based on moods, activities, relationships, places, and much more, along with additional metadata tagging. This was a large-scale execution, drawing from pools of tracks that numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

The Solution

After enlisting a team of music supervisors with expertise in a wide array of genres, Third Bridge built a custom tool set that allowed the supervisors to search by data points including genre and popularity, combining these sets with human expertise. The selections were through a rigorous QA process to ensure the most relevant matches, and sorted into categories based on the client’s needs. Our production team then delivered and edited these selections directly within the client’s CMS.

The Results

Third Bridge’s intricate, multi-step assembly line led to steady, high-volume deliverables of appropriate tracks for every desired photo slideshow type, improving the user experience and extracting maximum value from the usable pool of tracks.

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