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Experiential Curation


Redwoods and Records

The Project

Redwoods and Records is a community of nature and music enthusiasts who provide soundtracks for redwood trails in Northern California. Ultimately, they hope that this experience will create awareness, foster appreciation, and drive donations to organizations devoted to preserving these fragile ecosystems.

The Solution

Third Bridge Creative developed a content strategy and curated playlists that were core to Redwoods and Records' offering. In order to scale this over more than 100 trails, we first created a taxonomy of trail types—old growth, steep inclines, etc.—along with situational variables: morning, sunny-day hikes, and so on. Next, we unleashed our music experts.

The Results

We built trail-specific playlists for dozens of trails throughout the region, and created a model for scaling this to trail systems around the US, and potentially even the world.

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