Curation Strategy + Platform Intelligence



The Project

SoundCloud wanted a cleaner experience for new creators and a means to showcase the artists most important to them and their partners. This required a bespoke curation program that accounted for their young, urban audience, user-generated content, and their two-sided (creator/listener) marketplace.

The Solution

Working with the product, marketing, licensing, design, and label relations teams, Third Bridge Creative developed a strategy tailored for SoundCloud’s unique user community. This was designed to serve both SoundCloud’s creator and listener communities, and was geared toward a young, urban demographic. We then provided ongoing support and tooling for identifying emerging artists and trends, which output to programming, artist relation, and marketing initiatives.

The Results

The content strategy was largely adopted, and within three months of its completion, SoundCloud launched a far-reaching program powered by leading subject-matter experts. This enjoyed numerous press pickups. The collections garnered millions of monthly listeners, exposing them to SoundCloud's vital ecosystem of emerging creators.

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