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Globally Scaled Emerging Music Curation



The Project

SoundCloud wanted a cleaner experience for new creators and a means to showcase the artists most important to the platform, their audience, and their partners. Third Bridge Creative developed the initial content strategy and established both the team and the tools for discovering, organizing, and displaying priority content within SoundCloud.

The Solution

Working off a launch strategy designed in collaboration with Third Bridge Creative, we recruited a team of best-in-class music experts to curate playlists, evaluate content, and provide consulting services for SoundCloud. Curators from Third Bridge Creative oversee regularly updated franchise playlists and provide the platform with valuable intelligence on emerging artists, sounds and scenes.

The Results

A whole new SoundCloud. Numerous press pickups. Millions of monthly listeners. We created over 350 branded playlist franchises in the first year alone. Scenes identified by TBC curators have become important for the platform’s content marketing. Key releases and partner priorities are evaluated and playlisted soon after they go live each week.

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