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The TBC Queue

May 15, 2023

Third Bridge Creative’s continually updated playlist of our favorite new music, including songs by billy woods, Victoria Monét, DJ Manny, and more.

The TBC Queue is Third Bridge’s playlist of new music, featuring songs our staff is currently obsessed with. This update kicks off with a stretch of playfully aggressive tracks perfect for soundtracking the coming summer. It starts with DJ Manny’s “Raga R&B” ft. Teklife, selected by TBC Senior Editor Colin Joyce, who shared: “Out of all the rhythmic contortionists in the Teklife orbit, few are as interested in lushness and melody as DJ Manny. This new single further indulges that side of his work, floating effortlessly above the dance floor while everyone footworks down below.” Recently released bangers from rapper billy woods, R&B singer Victoria Monét, and rappers Killer Mike and Sha EK continue the forward momentum. Later in the set, TBC Senior Producer Hannah Elliott selected the punchy rocker “DIRTY ROOM” from Korea’s Snake Chicken Soup because she’s “going through a phase where I'm looking for the stuff so loud it hurts a little.” Turn it up.

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