Curation Case Studies

Top-Line Curation Strategy


Developing and executing a curation strategy tailored for the platform's creator and listener community.
Scaled In-Product Curation

Subscription Music Service

Overseeing the curation of hundreds of catalog playlists across dozens of genres and regions for one of the world’s top DSPs.
On-line Radio Curation and Production


Providing the curatorial backbone for Sonos's streaming-radio service.
Trends Research & Reports

Major Streaming Platform

Teaming with a premiere streaming service to dig into and provide detailed reports on high-impact music content.
Metadata for Streaming Music Platform

White Label

Curating critical metadata that aids user discovery for a global DSP.
A Magazine About Playlists

The Dowsers

Our proprietary one-of-a-kind music site about playlists showcasing our expertise in music curation and editorial content creation.
Experiential Curation

Redwoods and Records

Creating playlists to accompany the experience of exploring specific California redwood hiking trails.

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